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NFT crypto art


Images  Blockchain Verified

non fungible tokens

(tokenized art images)

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below are examples from my various series as

this NFT/wallet/wall art has potential therapeutic value

as well as an investment value for resale 

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crypto love art text print

Below are simulated examples of small  images

NFTs framed as wall art.

  left images 8"x8"                  right images 5"x7"

                 2400px x 2400px                  1500px x 2100px                     

More examples of framed NFTs.

You have many options to print and frame your NFTs

I will be listing various sized images

5"x7" to 16"x20" @ 300DPI

suitable for archival art printing and framing.

Having framed images hanging on your walls

can enhance your daily living experience.


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To learn more about all my images visit:

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