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 catalogue raisonné of  Bruce Graham 

contact  to

acquire or authenticate an art piece by its

blockchain id

all my images are stored on the

InterPlanetary File System


by request tokenized on the

Ethereum blockchain 

NFT [non fungible token] example

BlueChipArt.eth    Alpha.BlueChipArt.eth   owner.Alpha.BlueChipArt.eth 

project title                 art image id                      current owner    

image ipfs address

ENS  parent - project title

ENS  subdomain.parent - image archive

ENS  owner.subdomain.parent - see current owner

When you purchase an image you have the right to print and frame as you wish.

You also have the right to sell the file/NFT without royalties.

You do not have the right to sell prints of the file.


all images copyright 

© Bruce Graham

Artists Rights Society

© Bruce Graham / ADAGP, Paris


learn more at

For a custom sized 1/1 unique tokenized image

for wall and wallet

from any of my site specific series

or any questions about my art images

please inquire below.


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